Stock news for the week ahead - The Third Week of January

SG Blocks Inc

SG Blocks (NASDAQ: SGBX) is the premier innovator in providing industry-approved, code-engineered cargo shipping containers. We believe that this company has a lot of growth potential in the upcoming years. The latest news has the company selling 0.1 Covid-19 tests via Osang GeneFinder to a privately held business partner in the U.S.

The cash proceeds from the sale accumulate to $1.25 million and will be recognized in Q4 2020. What is more, the company is working to deliver greener solutions and technology that reduce the costs of containers that will lessen the global carbon footprint. SG Blocks’ products have been featured in several media outlets including Fortune, NY Times, NY Post, USA Today, CNN, Washington Post and more. 

The company has completed projects for the US Army and Navy, US Department of Veteran Affairs, The City of Santa Monica, Port of Houston Authority, Aman Resorts, BareBurger, Equinox, HGTV, Lacoste, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Mini Cooper, Starbucks, and more.

T2 Biosystems Inc.

T2 Biosystems (NASDAQ: TTOO) develops direct detection products for diagnostic applications. News has the company’s T2SARS-CoV-2 panel capable of detecting multiple variants of COVID-19 like the ones identified in the UK, South America and U.S. The stock has been up 35% post-market after the announcements. The results come out quite fast only to hours after. 

This test can run the hospital’s revenues in the following years once the device is installed. More upsides expected to happen on the stock price especially if it starts being adopted by hospitals in the following weeks.

Plug Power Inc


Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) shoots higher after South Korea’s SK Group announces that they will partner in order to accelerate hydrogen as an alternative energy source in the Asian markets. Their aim is to provide hydrogen fuel cell systems, hydrogen fueling stations and electrolyzers. 

The agreement between the two has SK Group agreeing in paying $1.5 billion strategic investment in Plug Power while acquiring 52 million common shares at a price of $29.9 per share. This represents approximately a 10% ownership stake. The joint venture will be based in Korea in order to help boost the Asian markets more efficiently as mentioned above. 

Plug Power is up 67% since last week, however, a possible correction is on track to balance the stock. This company has more growth potential in the long run and we are closely looking into it.



It’s official, Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) confirms that it will partner will the Chinese automaker Geely (OTCPK: GELYF) by setting up a new company to manufacture smart electric vehicles. In this partnership, Baidu will be responsible to provide the intelligent driving capabilities that will be implemented in the new passenger vehicles. 

On the other hand, Geely will be responsible for providing expertise in electric vehicle design, manufacture, and delivery. Furthermore, Geely will work as an independent subsidiary under Baidu while being a strategic investor in the new company. 

Last week when the news went out Baidu’s stock price jumped 16.5% whereas this week the stock price fell by 9%. This deal will be great for both companies if it goes well and especially Baidu in the long run once vehicles are in the making. We are waiting for updates in the next months to see how the new company is doing.



XPeng (NYSE: XPEV) has signed a strategic cooperation contract with leading domestic banks securing a credit line of RMB12.8 billion with an extensive range of credit options.  These credit proceeds are expected to help the company’s operations and expansion of manufacturing, sales, and service. 

It is very important to the company in order to help it maximize its cash management and cost control and will be a contributor to the company’s expansion in the European market. XPeng’s future deliveries are expecting to grow along with the autonomous tech. Q4 also shows a 303% increase year-to-year with 5700 vehicles delivered showing a 326% growth rate year-to-year.



News in the EV market this week and last week have been trending. Toyota (NYSE: TM) is partnering with BHP in order to create a new light electric vehicle trial at BHP’s Nickel West operations in Australia. The two companies will test a Landcruiser 70 model converting it from diesel fuel to fully electric. This will be done with an onboard battery power on both the outside and the inside of the vehicle. 

BHP isone of the biggest carbon emitters that in the last four years turned its focus on using cleaner forms of power. It is expecting to reach zero operational emissions by the end of 2020.  We believe that Toyota is a strong player in the field and can offer the safest EV in the market. If the test goes well, Toyota can be a game changer.

Natalya C. - Junior Analyst at FDGT Academy

Natalya C. - Junior Analyst at FDGT Academy

I am a stock analyst/investor with prior experience and knowledge to BSc Accounting and Finance. After completing my degree and exposure to the accounting firms I decided that the direction I should choose is towards the Investment world. I completed my masters in Investment Management where it gave me solid fundamentals to build my career on. I have examined a lot of different aspects of investment, from REITS, derivatives, currencies, bonds, equity and hedge funds. I never stopped learning about the market which is why I can analyze and write articles for FDGT community always personally opinionated. My passion are green energy and electric vehicles stocks as a whole. I also had my share of analyzing the work form home stocks that are coming to take over in the upcoming years.