Stock Commentary Update for last week 8th -12th of Feb 2021

This is a follow up of the stocks in our short-term portfolio that have seen an increase or a decrease of more than 15%.

Wunong Net Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ: WNW) jumps 105.59% in one week

Wunong Net Technologies is in our short-term portfolio at a strike price of $29.35. Wunong was added to our portfolio with the dollar cost average method and on Friday during the aftermarket hours, the stock jumped 105.59% from $17 to $27.90. Overall, the stock has a history of going parabolic ever since its IPO last year. The stock price went as high as 3400% above its IPO price and even though the price fell from $161 back to $17 it was still 300% higher than its offer price on Friday’s jump. The reason for the jump was due to a company’s release of an SEC filing for a subsidiary that was set up in September in the value of $35 million. We at FDGT are holding WNW until it hits our target price of $50.

Marathon Patent Group Inc (NASDAQ: MARA) 71.32% up in the last week

Bitcoin (BTC) hit a fresh highest high above $48,000 on Tuesday, one day after Tesla (TSLA) invested $1.5 billion in the cryptocurrency. Moreover, Tesla announced that it will accept the digital token as a payment form for its electric cars. Marathon is one of the crypto-linked or in other words, highly correlated with crypto stocks. We at FDGT purchased Marathon at the price of $8.23 where we shared it with our members on the same day. The stock price is now $38.46 giving us a total return on our investment of 367%. In the last week only following the bitcoin rally, the price jumped 71.32%.

The9 Limited (NASDAQ: NCTY) 68.74% up in the last week

Our entry price on this stock is $12.95 and the price is now at $39.34. The9 jumped 68.74% up last week after the company has signed six legally binding Memorandums of Understanding for the purchase of Bitcoin mining machines. The signing of agreements is expected to be completed within one month after the signing of the Memorandums of Understandings (MOU). Moreover, the company has completed another agreement for the last batch of 26,007 Bitcoin mining machines and NCTY share price of $11.18 prior to the respective MOU signing date. Once these agreements will be completed the company will own 36,496 Bitcoin mining machines, and the total hash rate will be upgraded to ~800PH/S for 251PH/S.

KemPharma Inc (NASDAQ: KMPH) is up 27.89% in the last week

On January 27, the company announced that it has received the FDAs approval to continue its clinical trials for its agonist replacement therapy KP879. This therapy has been developed for the treatment of Stimulant Use Disorder (SUD). It’s a condition that had no such FDA approved medication so far. Our entry price is $6.58.

QuantumScape Corp (NYSE: QS) is up 21.67% of Friday

QuantumScape is a solid-state battery startup supported by big names like Bill Gates. Quantum Scape investors can thank Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas for the rally. In a report looking at the future EV winner, he mentioned QS as a winner. He also raised the target price to $70. This helped investors forget about the resale filing with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission that drove the shares down.

Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) up 15.84%

Last month Baidu won a permit to test driverless vehicles on public roads in California. Last week Mizuho raised the target price on the stock from $250 to $325 due to the potential growth for the autonomous driving business. Analyst James Lee doubled the valuation assigned to the self-driving unit from $20 billion to $40 billion and believes that Baidu is well-positioned to become the dominant operating system for both the new smart transportation network in China and in-car technology. We at FDGT have an entry price of $185 the stock is currently traded at $313.

Skillz (NYSE: SKLZ) 15.12% Down last week

Skillz just went public in December and is soaring ever since. After the stock price reached a price as high as $43.72 it is now down 15%. This downside is not due to negative news or fundamentals. Therefore, it can mean a potential correction in the stock price after it has almost doubled in the last month.

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Natalia C. - Junior Analyst at FDGT Academy

Natalia C. - Junior Analyst at FDGT Academy

I am a stock analyst/investor with prior experience and knowledge to BSc Accounting and Finance. After completing my degree and exposure to the accounting firms I decided that the direction I should choose is towards the Investment world. I completed my masters in Investment Management where it gave me solid fundamentals to build my career on. I have examined a lot of different aspects of investment, from REITS, derivatives, currencies, bonds, equity and hedge funds. I never stopped learning about the market which is why I can analyze and write articles for FDGT community always personally opinionated. My passion are green energy and electric vehicles stocks as a whole. I also had my share of analyzing the work form home stocks that are coming to take over in the upcoming years.