FDGT portfolio update 29.03 - 02.04. recap

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Stock Short-term hold porftolio

portfolio update short 29.03 - 02.04.

Last week recap

BIDU – bought dips at 185$ – dumping from 220$ and above

BLNK – Hold

MARA – holding small amount after dumping at 42 / 45 /50 – waiting for a dip

DDD –  flipped several times – dumping more at 30$

CHPT – barely holding any after selling last week – buy the dip at 21 and below

QS – stock is moving fast -scalping is possible – in below 45 / out above 55

NVTA – Hold

WNW – picked up some more at 9.8 last week – will fly this year

NCTY – massive drop this week – holding on

WIMI – buying dips below 7

ORMP – stock price is going up slowly -in our long term hold

STPK – Hold

SKLZ – bought some on the dip

ACIC – Hold

HOL – Great price on this stock – yet to start the real bull run !!

ACIU – holding on for news

EH – waiting on 65$ to sell

KOPN – Hold

CTXR – holding for big news – Buy dips below 1.82

GBS – holding till news come out – buying below 4.5 selling above 6.2 -always keeping 50%

CCNC – Exploded this week-touched 6.7 – sold 50% – will buy dips below 4.75$

SPFR – SPAC merger news came out -will sell on ticker change ( dips below 10.15)

DMYI – SPAC merger DMY technologies – Quantum Computing

ZKIN – Crypto trading platform news

FNKO – NFTs of big brands collaboration

BBIG – NFT craze – bought the dip on it – holding till 5$+


  • 35% ROI weekly
  • Last trading session return 6.2% (not including CFDs)

This is not advice or recommendation of any sort this is just our personal opinion and our actions on this portfolio, we are NOT certified analysts or authorized to give any kind of investment advice.

Please do your own due diligence before making any kind of investment decision and do not rely on our input.

The stocks presented in this portfolio have a higher risk average than the average stocks in the market and this should be taken into consideration before making any kind of investment advice.