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All terms are written after extreme demand or extreme market trends. For example, short squeeze was written after the GameStop (GME) and (AMC) craze. Why? A lot of beginners joined the market at that very specific moment and had no idea what was going on! They then approached the Union to ask for help after being at a big loss.

Our Union has helped hundreds of people to learn the basics in order to benefit from the market.

For us, it is crucial that traders understand and learn how to trade stocks, indices, options, cryptos, and other before creating a real account through our recommended brokers. This is the main reason that we’ve made this Tradeopedia.

Tradeopedia explains all the terms you need to know. Our Union Traders can request terminologies via email at

We have put together technical, strategical, and fundamental terms to give you the right starting points and knowledge.

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If you don’t know where to start from we suggest starting from the three types of analysis: fundamental, technical or sentiment analysis

Or simply Click on the starting letter of your desired term to learn more.

Click on the starting letter of your desired term to learn more.