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We at FDGT Academy strive to make both a profitable and knowledgeable trader out of you, regardless of your level of trading experience. We want you to understand the stock market thoroughly, so you know when and how to make smart investments. 

This is the reason why we created our education center. Here you’ll learn about the Market Cycle Based Analysis (MCBA) – a powerful method we have been developing, using, and teaching successfully for years. MCBA is essential as it teaches you the three primary factors of trade: Direction, Duration, and Price Movement.

To find out more about each factor, watch the videos we created for you. They will give you a detailed explanation of our method and strategies.

By becoming a Premium member, you get a one-on-one trading session designed personally for you, covering the MCBA method in depth. We offer a variety of educational tools and live trading sessions in our member’s area, as we teach you on the go.



We have put together an encyclopedia of trading terminology for you.

We cover terms from both the technical and fundamental side to give you the right tools and knowledge to understand exactly how to beat the market and become a better trader.



This is our Technical analysis slides on price actions, which will help you understand the best timing to enter the trade.

These indcations must combine the knowledge of market cycles according to the MCBA method.


Our Premium one on one Lessons are designed to maximize your market analytic knowledge.

Our Premium members get a one on one free lesson with one of our chief analysts. This is a private lesson you can use whichever way you want, either to get familiarised with the concepts of trading or for fine-tuning your trading strategy.

If you are a Premium member we sent you an email with a request to schedule lessons upon registration.


The FDGT Team taught me what focus, and self-discipline is. Really changed my way of thinking I can honestly say I am much more calculated now and I don’t trade from emotions but mainly analytics. They trained my eyes to look at a graph and see all of the hidden signs in front of me.
Ludvig Karlsson
Örebro, Sweden
Just want to thank Nathan @FDGT Academy for his pointers and strategies. Going through a lot of ups and downs now in my 3rd year of trading, if this keeps up I will turn it into my career! Keep doing what your doing guys, we are having green days

Jahan Rashid
Luton, England
As someone who joined this group at the start when there were only a few of us, me having no experience and not a clue on how to trade. I was using a demo account for a few months following you guys, and I’ve only had my account open for 2 weeks now and it's already grown 50%.

Joseph Lougharn
2k up for the day. Bedtime. 12k for the month so far. You guys are on to something with this market cycle reading you do.and i really didnt pay anything for all this ,much appreciated.
Keep doing what you are doing and we will keep putting out the word about you guys!

Elias Müller
Hamburg, Germany
So once they explained me market cycle reading and based it on stock market always goes up ,my brain just clicked and it really became easier from there .most important to me is that I don’t get emotional and stressed now when I see trades going in red cause I understand its part of the cycle. A very educational experience for me!
Ruben Van Dijk
Dordrecht, Netherlands
Thank you for these informational reminders regarding the psychological side of trading. People have told me time and again how hard trading can be. You are so helpful. You shed light on issues in a very realistic way.

Olav Kristiansen
Bergen, Norway