How it all started

After trading for many years we decided to share our knowledge and experience to help the common investor stay relevant the market.  We noticed a lack of faith in our industry 

We achieved an impressive background and experience in stock and indices trading. Together we have created a unique strategy that uses the “loopholes” in the intricate financial market with a particular focus on stock analysis. This fresh approach is based on substantially more complex Long positions vs. Short positions concept. This method is relying partly on Buy vs. Sell probabilities. Combining that with several other key questions on the market, we formed the strategy referred to as the market cycle balancing analysis (MCBA)

What drives us

We think trading is for everybody, with the right mind and the right intention. Also, we advocate the idea that there is no shortcut for earning big money on stock trading, and that good results are always the consequence of hard work and years of learning and experience.

FDGT is on a mission of demystifying stock trading as easy money game for the selected crowd. This is not a big boys club that leaves the others looking and wishing, this is get your hands into it kind of business. We are here to share the knowledge, experience and method to how to become a successful trader, earn, take calculated risks and provide for your future.

Our aim

With the years we have experienced a lot of different clients and situations. We know how important it is to respond quickly to market events to protect and grow your money. Our aim is to become a reliable partner who really understands you and will be there for you long term. You need more than just a trading account. You need a companion to help you through all of trader’s life’s ups and downs. As you know mental state can be key for successful trading.


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